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Maggie has many years experience working in the medical field, dealing with physicians, clergy, patients and family members. Her education, expertise, knowledge and the degrees acquired, make it possible for her to combine her wealth of information to fit the needs and requirements of your organization. Because she speaks from the heart, she easily and lovingly gets her life altering messages through to all.

Are you stuck in your old outdated beliefs and insecurities? This workshop will transform the way you behave. Discover ways to get your power back rapidly and be the one in control.

Learn about the amazing changes and freedom experienced by forgiveness and the negative effects of holding on to un-forgiveness. Through a brief journey, you will finally let go of the unwanted baggage that has been weighing you down.

Do old beliefs hold you back? Learn to recognize and release what is holding you back from being the success you desire and deserve. Experience the amazing feeling of accomplishment and begin to take steps to ensure your future success in all you put your mind to.

Stop being overwhelmed! Learn simple, effective, rapid techniques to help control your reaction to the stresses you face daily. Take an enjoyable journey and learn to let go of old, negative, learned behavior patterns and begin to take control of your life.

To understand what kind of eater you are, and what has caused you to put on the extra weight? Learn the facts and then go on a pleasant transformational journey that will change the way you think about food, and will create a desire for healthy food choices and a healthy lifestyle. Begin to decrease your weight easily and effortlessly.

What happens to our grief when it isn't expressed and experienced in a healthy way? Learn to let go of the pain and suffering experienced after a loss, death of a loved one or divorce. Learn to choose life.

Has the excitement and love disappeared from your life? Are you arguing more than loving up? Experience the powerful technique of decording that will help restore the love and respect that once existed in your relationship.

Learn how to control or eliminate pain and discomfort by using the most modern non-invasive pain relieving techniques. With the current trend toward alternative health care this course is a must. Take a journey and feel the freedom of life without pain.

Experience the transformational power of re-experiencing your past life. Through your journey you will find out why you have chosen the relationships, careers and roles you are in today, and why you have certain talents, abilities, health issues, interests, fears and discomforts. Free yourself of your limitations and use the knowledge and learning's from the past to create a wonderful future for yourself.

Learn methods that will help you have a good nights sleep, without the need for drugs and alcohol. Maggie is available to work with individuals, as well as with large corporations, from professional to laymen alike.

Maggie's dream is to help people be the best they can be, by teaching them methods to let go of pain, negative, unconscious beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and attitudes from the past and guiding them to live lives filled with hope, love, peace, success and self-fulfillment.

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Maggie makes every effort to help her clients succeed in their ventures by providing them with the latest cutting-edge tools and the training and support they need to succeed. She is known for her patience, her listening skills, her compassionate nature, her sharp mind and her amazing ability to provide assistance through life changes and daily obstacles.

Maggie is available to work with individuals, as well as with large corporations, from professional to laymen alike.

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