Are you THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE in all areas of your life, including at work, in your career, at home, with your children, with finances, with personal care? Or, are you stuck in a boring, unfulfilling job? Are your children driving you crazy? Are you in an abusive relationship? Are you going through a divorce? Do you feel alone, with no one to talk to? Do you feel confused? Did you just retire? Are you going through mid-life changes?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, you would greatly benefit from the services of a HypnoCoach!! Why you may ask? For many reasons.

A HypnoCoach is YOUR PERSONAL ADVOCATE who is there with you and for you only, throughout your life changes and daily obstacles, to support you and guide you on your road to achievement, success, happiness or whatever it is you desire.

A HypnoCoach uses guidance, support, motivation, encouragement and commitment to help clients move forward, toward achieving all that they desire and need.

Regular therapists such as psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers generally focus primarily on the individual’s past, in attempts to decipher the cause of the client’s current problem. Studies have shown that talking about and reliving the negativity that took place in the past, often prevents the patient from going forward into the future. With HypnoCoaching the client is taught to easily let go of past negativity and to focus on a bright future.

A HypnoCoach utilizes 100% of the brain, by accessing both the conscious part of the mind, which is 10% of the brain and the subconscious, which is 90% of the brain. The subconscious mind, being the part of the brain where all information is recorded and stored, holds our knowledge, our experiences, our successes, and everything that ever happened to us in the past.

HypnoCoaching uses 90% more of the brain than either regular coaching or conventional therapy since the above therapies communicate only with the conscious part of the mind. By using hypnosis or HypnoCoaching the client utilizes the power of both the conscious and the subconscious mind to “turbocharge” the process and to help bring about the preferred changes.

When using HypnoCoaching, desired changes take place more quickly, more easily and more effectively than with coaching or therapy alone.

A HypnoCoach has the unique ability to blend hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, Gestalt Therapy, Parts Therapy, Regression, Emotional Release Techniques and other modalities involving the mind, together with personal coaching skills, to assist clients in achieving their goals, their dreams and even things they never thought were possible, to help them deal with issues that are interfering with their success, their happiness, to achieve a happy family life, good parenting, household management, career changes, mid-life issues etc.

HypnoCoaching is not therapy. It is a way to work with the client on an ongoing basis.
HypnoCoaching is less expensive than traditional weekly sessions
HypnoCoaching is done from the comforts of your home via the phone or the computer
Save time and money on clothing, on transportation, on babysitting ,getting dressed etc.
A HypnoCoach does not introduce any medication nor do they diagnose, treat or cure.
A HypnoCoach is not a substitute for other professional help whether it be financial, legal, medical etc.

You are not alone.
HypnoCoaching is not therapy and you will not receive any medication. It is a way to work with you on an ongoing basis using the powers of your mind.
HypnoCoaching “TURBO-CHARGES” your results by using 100% of the brain.
HypnoCoaching provides support and assistance through life changes and daily obstacles.
HypnoCoaching is less expensive than traditional weekly sessions.
Hypnocoaching is done from the comforts of your home.

Everything discussed is strictly confidential No one will know you are receiving guidance No need to waste precious time traveling to an office No need to leave the house No need to get dressed No need to waste gas No need to waste money on transportation No need to deal with traffic No need to hire a baby sitter.

HypnoCoaching is not a substitute for other professional services, including but not limited to medical, financial, legal or psychological.
HypnoCoaching is a process whereby an individual uses their own natural abilities for their own benefit and self improvement.

Your sessions will be pleasant empowering experiences.

Maggie, your personal HypnoCoach will assist you in figuring out what you really want out of all aspects of your life, whether it be personal goals, career oriented or financial. She will listen intently, will evaluate your current situation and behavioral patterns and will form a plan to modify your lifestyle and reshape it so that it will easily and rapidly lead you on the path of success and desired results. Once a plan has been established she will be there to motivate you and to remind you of your purpose in life, your dreams and desires. She will help you strengthen empowering beliefs and help you focus on past successes.

Maggie will use hypnosis occasionally to guide you into a deep state of physical and mental relaxation. While you are in that relaxed state, positive suggestions for the changes you require will be given to your subconscious mind. The new suggestions will become a part of you, allowing you to eliminate negativities in your life and empowering you to accomplish your goals. You will come out of hypnosis feeling empowered with the new positive suggestions. You will feel refreshed and alert. You will receive a CD or a tape to be listened to reinforce your new learnings.

Maggie will constantly listen to your speech patterns and will teach you how to communicate with different people, from the uneducated to the professional. She will teach you tricks to build rapport to win them over, by using techniques such as matching and mirroring, or VAK (visual, auditory, kinesthetic). She will teach you how to speak as a successful person by analyzing your choice of words.

While you receive instruction or guidance from Maggie, she will often be using 100% of the brain, using both the conscious and subconscious mind, “turbo-charging”/ speeding up the process. Most importantly, as your HypnoCoach, she is your personal advocate who helps you mold your dreams and commits to your success.

Maggie, your HypnoCoach will provide enlightenment in all areas of your life;

What does success mean to you? Find out what has been blocking you from
achieving success. What can you do to achieve it? What are the necessary steps you will take?
Stress Reduction Learn techniques that will release old behavior patterns. Learn to let go of stress that is holding you back from reaching your potential.

Become empowered and create success. Learn how to turn on the motivation switch. Check out your body language, your voice. Discover how to release negativity and follow your dreams.
Relationship Who are you choosing to be with? Why were you attracted to that person? Learn to alter the negative ways others treat you. Learn why you might be sabotaging a relationship. Learn to forgive and let go of negative situations.

Learn to choose the right partner and to create healthy, loving relationships.

 How do you carry yourself? What does your body say about you? Listen to your voice. What do other people hear? Listen to your vocabulary, is the glass half empty or half full. Become aware of how your words and body language can create success or may be limiting you. It‘s simple to change!!!

Past Life Regression
You will experience how simple it is to experience this life changing therapy. Journey to the past to better understand who you are today. What makes you tick? It doesn’t really matter whether you believe in a past life and journey to a life you have lived before or whether it’s merely your imagination’s metaphoric way to find answers about who you are today.

Figure out what your purpose is. Understand career choices. What were your talents? Why do you experience certain fears, limiting beliefs? Why do you feel pain in an area that you never injured? Why does that stranger seem so familiar? Did you know him in the past? Who were you in the past? By understanding your past life, you can heal the present.

Discover the meaning of your dreams. What are they trying to tell you? Program yourself to utilize dreamtime to help find answers and guidance in dealing with confusing or disturbing issues you encounter while you are awake and to better understand the messages your subconscious mind is trying to give you to help you go forward.

Maggie's dream is to help people be the best they can be, by teaching them methods to let go of negative, unconscious beliefs, thoughts, emotions and attitudes from the past and guiding them to live lives filled with hope, love, peace, success and self-fulfillment.

Speak Directly with Maggie: 516-800-2664

Email Maggie: RecreateYourself@gmail.com

Maggie makes every effort to help her clients succeed in their ventures by providing them with the latest cutting-edge tools and the training and support they need to succeed. She is known for her patience, her listening skills, her compassionate nature, her sharp mind and her amazing ability to provide assistance through life changes and daily obstacles.

Maggie is available to work with individuals, as well as with large corporations, from professional to laymen alike.

Recipient of the “Hypnotist of the Year Award” will enlighten  you about the Scientifically Proven Facts regarding the Truth About The Effectiveness, Safety and Ease of Hypnosis